Hello Su, Yes, Marathon went well. I was within 20 sec of my predicted time, did 3 hrs 40min. I lost 12 mins in the last 2 miles which was tough. Rest of race, I felt good and enjoyed it. Leg you treated was 100%. To date no ache or pain. Thank you for repairing me in time for the race. I am proud that at 60 I did my first marathon.


After being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2014 I was prescribed the current medication from the consultant but wanted to follow a more individual approach to my recovery. 

A large part of my recovery was due to the physiotherapy I received from Su. She assessed me on my first visit and has worked on all areas of my body, using both manipulation and stretching and giving me exercises to do at home.
When I consulted Su I was taking the maximum dosage of pain killers and used to wake two or three times a night due to painful joints. Happily now I do not take any pain killers and have uninterrupted sleep.
Su has taught me tendon and myofascial stretching techniques and changed my outlook and approach to regaining my full range of movement.
I can now enjoy gardening again and simple DIY work around my home after being unable to carry out the simplest tasks for 12 months.
I can highly recommend Su to anyone that needs help to regain movement, flexibility and strength. She is always helpful, supportive and informative.

W. H. 


Hi Su………….

A few lines to pass on my thanks for the treatment you provided. Attached are a few photographs of the Dragon Boat endurance I recently took part in. Credit to your exercise plan you provided me with. On the third and final day my back was causing me concern. Your exercises proved vital and cured my concerns. We completed the endurance covering 126 miles in 3 days and an average of 11 paddling hours per day on the River Thames. Whilst there aches and pains for all concerned at the time I have come back feeling fitter than I have for a long time. You should take credit for your skills which clearly made this possible for me.