These are some of the conditions you can get advice and treatment for. You can visit the clinic or request a home visit.

Spinal Pain

Headaches, Neck pain, Low back pain.


Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis – Exercise and Management, Joint pain

Sports Injuries 

Tendon pain, Muscle injuries, Ligament Sprains

Musculoskeletal Injuries in Sporting Children & Adolescents

Injury Rehab

Post Fracture, Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Nerve injuries

Carpal tunnel, Cubital tunnel etc entrapments, Arm, Leg Nerve compression, Sciatica

Rehab for Older people

Improve Fitness, Reduce falls risk

Improve Mobility, regain independence & confidence at home or outside

Rehab post falls, Surgery, or with complex medical and Neurological conditions.

Chronic Pain Management

Pain education, Activity pacing

Retrain painful movements

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